About Us

The Difference What sets us apart?

We are active investors and get involved in transactions from inception to realisation.

Our active participation stems from a desire to assist portfolio companies to make the most appropriate strategic decisions to ensure long-term success

Our analysis of each opportunity focuses, inter alia, on industry dynamics, competitive positioning, management’s skills, and growth prospects

We engage in rigorous due diligence process to become well-versed in the key issue and opportunities facing management.

Post investment, we deepen our relationship with management, and help ensure that the right judgement calls are made.

We act as an informed sounding board for management, and where necessary, we engage specialised external resources to assist our management team.

Our involvement and support of management teams is adapted based on each entity’s unique circumstances.

Over and above our value-add strategy and active involvement with our portfolio companies, our investment team has deep transaction experience in the SME sector, spanning over 20 years combines, with highly complimentary skills. We are a Level 2 BBBEEE contributor, and one of the few female-owned and led private equity fund manager, making us an attractive BEE partner that understands investment.

Our Principals are highly networked across multiple industries, with proprietary deal sources that have proven to be highly beneficial in building fund’s pipeline, as well as being a potential source of business opportunities for our portfolio companies.

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